Best Drone Cases for Small Drones

Protecting your drone is vital to ensure that you can continue to enjoy flying your drone for as long as possible. If you don’t have a sturdy and reliable protective case for your drone, don’t expect hassle-free flight!

There are many types of cases available for drones, in this post, I am going to feature the best cases for small drones.

What is the best type of case for a small drone?

The best case is usually the case that offers the most protection for the lowest price. This depends on a few factors including your use case, size of drone and so on.

Canvas Case

A canvas case is usually softer and lightweight, they usually have some sort of foam or soft padding on the inside to keep your drone safe.

Whilst not offering the most protection, they are very practical for travellers who keep their drone in another suitcase, in a backpack or they can be used for general storage at home.

Some popular canvas cases available are:





Lowepro LP36913 ViewPoint CS 80

Best Drone Cases for Small Drones 1Best Drone Cases for Small Drones 2

Lowepro Hardside CS 60 Case for Small Drone

Best Drone Cases for Small Drones 3Best Drone Cases for Small Drones 4

Autel Robotics EVO Shoulder Bags

Best Drone Cases for Small Drones 5Best Drone Cases for Small Drones 6

DURAGADGET Jet Black Super-Soft Nylon Pouch Case in Size Medium

Best Drone Cases for Small Drones 7Best Drone Cases for Small Drones 8

Backpack Case

A backpack case for a small drone is similar to the canvas case, usually soft outer cover with foam or padding on the inside. Same usage as previously mentioned with the added advantage of having the case on your back rather than having to carry it.

Some of the popular backpack cases for drones are:

Hard Shell Case

The hard shell cases for drones are popular as they offer the most protection from drops and general handling. They will also have foam or padding internally and will usually have clips or zip to secure.

Plastic Hard Shell Case

These are the most popular of the hard shell cases as they are less expensive and offer a high level of protection to your valuable drone.

Metal Hard Shell Case

The metal cases cost a little more but offer more protection and a little more style. There are fewer of these available for small drones but here are a the best I could find:

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